This week we have to do 16 stars worth of video stars with 10 of them being for out character. My first assignment I did was Live Turned Video which is worth 4 1/2 stars. This assignment instructs you to take pictures of an artist during a live performance and make it into a music video. In order to make this work for my character I had to make some changes. Again, my character is Bob who works/lives on a ranch. I selected the song Dirt from Florida Georgia Line and uploaded it to iMovie. Then I went on google and basically looked for pictures on how Bob’s day would be. He would wake up, eat breakfast then go out on the ranch then eat dinner and go to bed. So this is a video of Bob’s live performance that he does everyday.

One thought on “Dirt

  1. Lindsey M

    This video turned out very nice! The motion you put into the pictures in the editing process gives your video more flow and motion, even though the pictures are all still. Great job!

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